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Terms & Conditions

We’re always thinking about our clients and figuring out the best way to ensure satisfaction for all our clients. That’s why we need to have a clear policy, to ensure that business runs smoothly and you, along with everyone else, get the skin treatment you pay for at Barbiee Doll Salon.


Arriving on time, or 5 minutes before your appointment, ensures that you don’t miss a single minute of your treatment. We can’t keep others waiting for their skin care, just as you wouldn’t like to be kept waiting!


As an independent Australian-owned business, we thank you for your consideration of our 24-hour cancellation policy. Our booking policy doesn’t only protect our business but also affects our affordability and ensures fair treatment to all our clients.
Please book carefully. No-shows and last-minute cancellations means that other clients cannot book into that time slot and it wastes the time and expertise of our highly trained professional therapists.
A 50% deposit is required to secure all bookings over 30 minutes. We understand that sometimes bookings need to be changed, so you will be allowed to change your booking as long as you give us 24 hours notice. Your deposit can either be refunded or held for your next booking.
If it is within 24 hours and you cannot attend your appointment, you may either send a friend or family member to take your slot, or forfeit your deposit. Messages left on Sundays or public holidays will only be regarded as lodged the morning of the next business day.


Your gift certificate number will secure your appointment. We do not hold credit card numbers on file.


Barbiee Doll Salon use Independent Contractors who are specialised in certain treatments. Our values are to give you the best services and from time to time we need to source the best contractors who are artists in their field. Due to contractors working for themselves all our Barbiee Doll Salon gift vouchers cannot be used for their services.


We consider our clients a very special part of our Barbiee Doll Salon family and therefore would like to share some very important policies that we have had to implement to protect the safety of all our guests, team and suppliers. Your wellbeing remains our highest priority.

If you have any cold / flu-like symptoms that may include a runny nose, sore throat, sneezing or a temperature that you please reschedule your appointments. We also ask that you do not bring friends, partners and children to your appointments, as we have been advised to keep clients to a minimum. Furthermore please enjoy the sanitiser and hand cream on entry. As we are a business that is responsible for caring for so many clients, we feel it is important for us to be transparent with you about our health and safety practises.
These practices include:

Disinfecting all product testers including candles. Social Distancing in store Hand santisers available all over the salon. Disinfecting all surfaces including hand rails, floors, door handles, beds, chairs, eftpos machine, front desk We have an autoclave (medical grade sterilisation machine for all metals), we use this for all manicure, pedicure, microdermabrasion heads and all metal pieces. We use a professional laundry off site who specialise in the supply of hospital linen. We have air purifiers on in all our rooms, approved by the TGA. These are also available for purchase in our store. Our Advance Facial treatments have disposable heads for one use only and are then discarded. We have gloves and face masks if required.


Points can only be redeemed on single treatments only. You can only build points by shopping at the Barbiee Doll Salon store – NOT online Points can only be redeemed on full price treatments and excludes packages, courses and promotions. Beauty Miles cannot be used with any other offer. Points must cover your entire treatment and cannot be used as cash. BeautyMiles points are for 1 year, as they reward loyalty. Does not include Series packages as these are already discounted. Minimum two treatments must be booked in and one can be redeemed, not both. If one treatment is booked in then beauty miles can not be used that time. Can not be used or generated on contractor services. Points can be redeemed for one service per transaction Clients can’t redeem on products